I pretty much agree with many of the other posts. He's got a lot on his plate. He set himself up by saying he was gonna do all this stuff that's impossible to fulfill in such a short time and without any cooperation from the house and senate.

But like Job Stewart pointed out Bush did whatever the f*ck he wanted even when many disagreed. Dems are too busy talkin about uniting parties. that sh*t just aint finna happen.
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The Democrats aren't blameless. Both parties will take, take, take before they give an inch.
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I never stated the Dems were blameless. I didn't even imply it.

But I really don't see how any human being in this country can sit up and say that the healthcare industry doesn't need to be redone. I'm sorry that's the dumbest comment ever. But then again most conservative comments are dumb.

Fact of the matter is. If you don't have health insurance... you're screwed. It's only 100% logical to make sure that everyone has equal access to healthcare. why the f*ck should I pay back thousands of dollars in medical bills over an injury that wasn't my fault but because I didn't have health insurance I have to pay such a large sum. All jobs don't have health care... if you're unemployed and make more than $1k a month on unemployment for a single person with no dependents, you don't qualify for medicare in most states. God forbid you have to go to the hospital. THEN if you do get a job, you have a probationary period and some jobs make u wait 3 months just to get dental or healthcare. That hardly seems fair or even remotely right. The healthcare industry is a big scam anyway.