Well just because it hasn't been reported doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Also to go along with what a lot of others have stated here's a great Steve Biko quote.

"The greatest tool in the hands of the oppressor, is the mind of the oppressed."

You will find in any situation where there is a society that oppresses a particular group or groups, that there is a society that is based on the MENTAL oppression of the group.

The fact in many cultures you are portrayed as "bad" if your skin is dark and Beautiful and good if your skin is light. It gets so bad that you believe that this is true.

Religion also. If you teach people that there is a higher force, power, or being that created you as inferior, you believe that you are to be humble and inferior. Religion plays a huge role in gender and ethnic oppression.

Also let's not forget that men are also victims of patriarchy. That us women have also perpetuated. Look at the images of a "strong" male in the media. How many men actually live up to that? Now all this pressure to live up to a certain standard that is fictional creates a drive to want to feel that power and dominance that men feel the need to enact on women. Now how many women depend on men to do so much for them? We expect that Alpha Male to come in.

We are all victims of this patriarchal society. Just like we are all victims of racism. And the only way to change any of it is with self awareness and consciousness. How many of us from being on this site have learned to accept and care for our natural curly hair? I'd say the majority of us. And a lot of us from so many different cultures had to go through so many processes and transitions just to learn how to care for something our body produces naturally. Well the same goes for anything else. It's the realizing and learning that we are women and we have needs, wants, desires, ambitions, skills, emotions, and logic. How many years did it take for women to even get to THAT realization?

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