There aren't very many intelligent Conservatives around. There certainly aren't any intelligent ones on radio or TV.

Anybody who can be apart of a party that promotes Limbaugh, Palin, Beck, Steele, Cheny, Bush, Bachmann, Coulter, Roberson etc... can't be too bright.
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This is very unfair. The fringe gets all the press b/c they make good soundbites.

I really enjoy reading George Will and Charles Krauthammer. I don't always agree with them but they make me think.
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I wasn't just talking about the ones on TV. I'm saying there aren't many around. There may be very few. But its hard for me to see how anybody who isn't super rich and benefiting from republican ideals can be a conservative.

I don't think the Dems are perfect or even as liberal as they seem. But damn.... I can at least see some efforts to help the underserved.
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Well, I know a lot of struggling Republicans and a lot of super wealthy people are Democrats. Some of the richest Senators are Dems.

It used to be back in the day you were a Democrat if you believed we were all responsible for the welfare of each other and our counry and therefore you didn't mind paying taxes to make sure everything was taken care of (large government). You were a Republican if you believed individuals should decided where there money went and in the end they would do the right thing (small government).

That is hardly true anymore. Libertarians are more like the old school Republicans these days. People are more driven by the social platforms of these parties - you can thank Ronald Reagan for that.

IMHO, the Republican anger stems from a fear of certain privledged groups - white, Christian males and the people who love them - of losing their power. By supporting laws that keep people down and in their place, you prevent them from rising higher and knocking you off your perch. Same goes for denying people a living wage or healthcare. The pro-life and anti-gay marriage movements - they are all about control. Same goes for denying people a living wage or healthcare. If you are too busy surviving, you can't focus on anything else. Who do you think has a harder job - a banker or someone working on the floor of a slaughterhouse? Hard work doesn't always equal high pay and we need people to do these blue color jobs. Unless you want to kill your own food and sweep the streets yourself.

I'm sure a lot of the anger at Obama is that he, an African-American male, forgot his place.
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