Okay, you've got some good ideas. No need to get so particularly nasty about your comments. It's pretty damned hard to have any sort of a civil discussion here as the name calling, and ugly remarks start almost immediately.

A macro AND micro perspective are needed. I happen to like the idea of having doctors serve a certain period of time in rural/underserved areas if they get any sort of federal funding for med school. It's been done in the past, is still being done in certain communities & it is a good idea. Letting the free market decide, the ability to buy insurance across state lines also. Our family doctor is our family doctor specifically because they allow us to pay what the insurance company will pay. BUT we pay cash or over a 30 day period. They get the money MUCH faster than filing insurance, there is not the time it takes to file, less time taken up by employees in work like that. One of the criteria for us in finding a doctor. It took us 5 years to find one who would work with us like that. Didn't take nearly as long to do it in the past, but that has always been a criteria. And turns out they are also much better doctors.

I suggested tort reform as a part of the whole thing. But that has completely been left out of the equation due to the trial lawyers (John Edwards anyone?)

Where will the doctor salaries come from? They are doing that with the NHS in the UK and other countries. For the most part, it is not working. There are pockets around the world where national health care does work. BUT, the countries are not nearly as big (and demanding ;D) as the US. And many of those countries still send patients to the US for world class health care.

I still think that cramming this down our throats is wrong. More people do NOT want it than do want it, it is nanny state at it's worst, and it is seriously unconstitutional and way overstepping the bounds of Congress' duties.

And jobs/economy are a lot more important than healthcare.

And before anyone jumps to any conclusions. I don't have either.
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