Trenell, thanks for that much. In my view, a racist is someone who considers ANY race other than their own as lesser, or 'not worthy'. Absurd thinking by ANY standards. I think everyone should be responsible for themselves and their families. If you need some help getting to that point, it should be limited. NOT a never-ending handout. My family has used food stamps at times (when we were working), Medicaid, etc.

I don't call names as I resent being called a racist (add being a blonde, 6th generation Texan on top of it & you can imagine what I've dealt with in business over the years).

I tend to think that NOT caring about others and their welfare tends to be inhuman. (check out dictators for instance). Usually don't talk about it, but I cannot count the times that we've had friends of my kids, or friends of their friends of their friends under our roof because their parents kicked them out for some silly reason. Our rules have been that they respect the rules of our home including no smoking, underage drinking, NO drugs and pick up after yourself. We've fed more of them than I can count either. We've always done this & the kids know we have an open door and heart always. I have found out that this is not true in most of their homes and honestly, many of their parents will march in protests for gay rights, illegal immigration, or any other social agenda that comes down the pike, but they kick their own kids out? I've been blasted by the parents of one kid in particular that we took in. His parents told him he could leave college when he was pretty much assaulted by a gay roommate. When he did leave, they wouldn't let him come home. He stayed with us for 6 months & his mom chewed me out. This was not the first time.

BB...we're not super rich. Hell, we're not even 'average'. We are small business owners who have refused to take on any debt...we have no loans, all the equipment is bought as we had the money. My husband is a custom cabinet maker. Our target clientele are those whose home value is $350K and over. Even they are not the super rich. (I'd LOVE to get in the door with them). But until the economy improves, they are not spending money.

Why are people commenting that some 'birthers' like Brown, but the fact that many (most) of the "truthers' are Dems is ignored? Many Dems were supported and endorsed by Truthers, but who seriously pays attention to them? We know they are more than a bit 'off', but anytime a nutjob supports a Republican, it is front page news, but if a nutjob endorses a Democrat, it's not newsworthy. Double standard much?

Now, to get back to the original idea....I was wondering why Brown's election (and for that matter, the election of 3 Republicans in states that went heavily for Obama in 200 is not a referendum of the administration over the last year.

Any discussions about race do NOT need to come into this...that can be another thread, but I won't start is as I have NO idea how to word it in such a way that won't piss someone off. And a discussion about mean spirited Republicans (AND Democrats) is another thread too. ('cause if you think that Pelosi and Reid are not mean-spirited, you are not paying attention!)

Can we get back to topic? And BB, I will repeat, I live in CO and have friends across the US of many hues and colors. I have yet to hear/see any of them complain about Obama due to his color---what we object to is his agenda and policies. It's pretty simple. If he was PURPLE I'd object.
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