I'm starting this thread so that 4a/b texlax heads who prefer to wear their hair curly or in a fro (as opposed to straight) can have a supportive thread to exchange tips, advice and brands.

I transitioned only to find out that my hair tangles and dreads easily. I searched several black hair care forums and discovered my hair type required me to wash/ condition my hair in braids. Basically my dreams of being a wash & go were only possible if I kept a short afro, TWA. (I prefer a BAA powerfro)

I was caught between a rock and a hard place. Rollersets and twist-outs took hours to do, yet never lasted more than a day because my hair wanted water but I couldn't wet my hair without losing my style AND going through a 3+ hour cowash-detangle-style process. (I have reaaaaalllllly thick below shoulder length hair so I'm not exaggerating about the time.) In addition I lost so much hair detangling while natural that my hair seemed thin to me and was losing instead of gaining length.

To simplify my life I got a texlax (Bantu for fine or color treated hair, cut with oil/conditioner,) in October 2009. It really cut down on the matting and breakage, however I still lose more hair detangling than I did when it was relaxed straight. My new growth because it gets water and conditioner everyday seems to be coming in curlier and smoother instead of the dense z pattern nap that it has traditionally been.

I'm hoping to find ladies that have had good results maintaining texlaxed hair so I can figure out:

1.) How to reduce the hair loss while detangling.
2.) How long before touch up. Once a year?
3.) Products that make texlaxed hair and a couple of inches of new growth happy! Aphogee vs Henna?
4.) Routines that are quick!

Thank so much. I don't have the time and patience to set up a fotki but am willing to share pics on request.

Poo- Deva, Wen, Shea Moisture
Co- Aubrey Organic, GPD DevaOne.
Detangler- Aussie moist, Dove
LI- SM Curling Milk, infusium
KCCC KT on certain days
Oil- Coconut, jojoba,
Goal: Peace, healthy hair and to not spend alot of time and money on my hair.

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