I am getting this done within the next two weeks and have a few questions:

1) How much are you paying and what is a reasonable tip for this process? I am getting my hair highlighted and cut this weekend and that will cost me $130 and I normally give her a $30 tip. She said my keratin treatment should probably cost me $325 and take a little over 4 hours because the length and thickness of my hair. Is $60 reasonable?

2) My stylist told me I need to buy the special shampoo and conditioner specifically for the treatment? Is this true? Have any of you used regular shampoo?

3) She also told me that I have to wait 3 days before washing my hair and then I go back to her and she will blow it out no charge, is this normal? I mean it cant hurt but if I have it done on a Thursday, I can wash it by Sunday, I don't want to wait another day to have her blow it out?
4) Final question, you can't wash for 3 days, am I also understanding it correctly that you can't pull it back with any sort of hairband or clips? You just have to let it hang???

Thanks in advance for any responses...I am nervous and excited at the same time to get this done.

Originally Posted by ckopyta
1. While the treatment is advertised as $185.00, you end up paying like $250.00, for the treatment + the keratin products they force on you + tip. But i was 100% satisfied. i tipped $20.00.

2. i use the keratin shampoo and conditioner that they sold me. and yeah, you have to use it. you dont HAVE to, but you really should. if you use regular shampoo & conditioner, the treatment def. won't last as long.

3. the three days isnt that bad, don't worry. but you have to listen to her and wait 3 days, its required.

4. thats right. but its not as bad as it sounds.