Hello Ladies, I'm pretty much a newbie and I would like some advice. I have now been transitioning for 9mths,and in the beginning of this I did'nt 100% know that I would go on this hair journey until about maybe 3mths in. I did'nt know all of the right and wrong things to do until I discovered these hair boards and YouTube. In the beginning I would flat iron my hair occassionally. I DID'NT KNOW. Furthermore I have discovered that I have straight middle peices all over my head on the strands, I have so much new growth now that I dont want to turn back and I'm beggining to like my new found texture. I have allways had shoulder length hair that I really dont want to cut all off. Am I able to wait until it grows out? Will my new growth grow down the strand and the straight parts grow out and I cut it? My hair looks really weird guys. If I relax again will this remove the problem so that I can start all over? I'm depressed about this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated you all.

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