I wonder why that logic towards African American's isn't applied to every ethnicity?
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It's because of "one drop" laws that said that if you were "one drop" Black, you were legally (and socially) Black.

Black people often think that I'm biracial Black/White. In contrast, other people consistently believe that I'm Latina, Middle Eastern, or Mediterranean--never biracial or of Black African heritage. (I get a lot of comments about my ethnicity from people who are either sure that they know what my ancestry is, or think that I look "exotic.") It's interesting to read people's thoughts on being identified by others as biracial.

I would think of the young man with the 'fro in that photo as biracial Black/White, rather than either Black or White.
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I know this is a really old post, but this happens to me too, with one difference. Black people almost never realize that I am part Black and they are almost always surprised when I tell them. Greek, Puerto Rican, or Middle Eastern are the most common guesses I hear. I suppose it doesn't help that I have an obviously Greek name as well, though there is no Greek in me at all. lol
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