Why would you send products in an "unprotected" state? I HATE to receive boxes, with spilled products inside.

Why would you send products with your "hairs" included in the jar? Why? That's triflin'. I don't want MY hairs in my products, let alone yours.
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I am losing my patience today. In two months, I've received Qhemet OHHB with little pieces of hair throughout and two jars of Afroveda from different sellers UNTAPED, with product spilled all over the envelopes. It's Afroveda, people - the jars are snap top lids! They must be taped closed if they've already been opened once - especially when you're shipping them in padded envelopes. Is that how you would want these products shipped to you? You'd think this would be common sense, but I suppose it's not. And "I must have forgotten" or "I didn't know" just aren't acceptable when you've taken someone's money in exchange for your product.
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I absolutely agree. I received a 16oz jar of Afroveda TTAGB in an envelope and the lid was not taped. It's no surprise that when I received the product half of the contents was in the envelop. When I contacted the seller her response was " [she] shipped out 10 packages that day, and not ONE PERSON complained about how their item(s) was packed or shipped ... I find it hard to believe that the contents spilled out." Seriously??? The seller is in the US, I'm in Canada and 16oz of product was shipped in an envelope without securing the lid. There really are no words to explain her reasoning. Anywho the seller gave me a partical refund, so that's why I choose not to disclose her name.
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