Hi everyone, I currently take tj prenatal vitamins as my multivitamin. After reading this tread and comparing my prenatal vit. with the maxi-hair by country life, I think I will switch to the maxi-hair when I finish my prenatals. They have similar ingredients and the maxi has more biotin and msm. The only fear I have is the acne issue people are reporting. I have had acne most of my life and I have it undercontrol. What hair results have you all had with maxi-hair, Nourishair @gnc and twin lab hair factor? How many have experienced acne or stomach issues?
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hmmm. you brought up a good point. I have acne issues on and off...periods of good skin followed by acneic skin. However is seems way more often now. It could be the pills but I'm totally not sure but it sure is a though. I take the GNC ultra nourishhair
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