wavy - that hairband is fantastic!

Here's some ways I sometimes wear my hair. Though my hair breaks quite easily with clips and hairbands, so I try to leave it loose as often as possible!

I usually keep my styles messy-ish, but these are messier than usual as I just quickly did them to take pictures. I know they're not very useful with people with shorter hair.. my hair's about APL.

Sorry if the pictures aren't too good. My husband was out and I had to take them myself... and I suck at it!

French braid.

French braid tucked under. I just push some bobby pins in randomly to secure it.

Side french braids. One on each side, sometimes I wear them like this, sometimes I braid to the ends.

This is something Pedaheh mentioned being from the CG book in another thread. I usually bring hair from underneath instead of under the ears though, and secure the hair with clips instead of a band. I like this because it covers my ears at the front (they stick out, lol).
(Rare decent(ish) photo of me, so I didn't bother covering my face up.)

Messy side buns. I just start low pigtails and then pull my hair half through the band again, if that makes sense... i'm not sure it does!

And fiiiiiinally a regular ponytail, except I like to wrap some hair around the hairband to hide it.

That's it, sorry for the long post!
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CUTE!! all of them. I love the french braid. Your hair is beautiful.
Ok so the one from the CG book. I'm still confused. so you take hair from underneath and sorta tie it around all your other hair to make a ponytail???