Nothing will stop newbie questions. I've been lurking on and off of this site since 7/09 and still asking KCCC questions? LOL. I think a college degree should be pre-req for surfing It is the most amazingly awesome, overwhelming info/ acronym packed beast out there!!
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Yeah, I'm disageeing with this line...I worked at an engineering firm a while ago, and our boy wonder engineer (seriously-he had his doctorate at 25-I kid you not) locked his file drawer with a paperclip, thinking it would UNLOCK with said paper clip as well. Did I mention he was an engineer?

We had to call a locksmith.

Some of the dumbest (meaning common sense) people I know have been edjamikated folks.
"It's a wonder God suffers so many fools, what with lightening so cheap"~Mark Twain

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