wait, why no hairspray???
Anyways, on to the confession time.
*I lo-poo every day.
*I straighten....a lot. I look good with straight hair! But I do use like, 3 heat protectors, and they all use modified cones, so I can wash them out with my lo-poo
*I bleached out a chunk of my hair. And then turned it royal blue.
*Every so often I use a sulfate shampoo. I still have half a liter of Redken Fresh Curls, and my hair feels reeeeaaallllyyy nice after I use it.
*I don't DT or PT....ever. I did use a little bit of a DT after I bleached, I guess....but still. I'm not very nice to my hair....which may be why I don't have the wurls I want. Oh well.
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