i got my hair colored at ouidad yesterday- very similar to what i had, a little bit lighter but i love it...

i saw ouidad again shes so nice!!

anila colored my hair and then morgan styled it and wow my hair has never looked this good & curly together- it actually almost looks 3A- its nice for a change but the more curly the shorter it looks so for now i rather it be looser waves so it looks longer LOL but overall both of them did an amazing job on my hair...my roots needed touch up so so so bad-

i asked morgan to make the style last till tonight because i have a Christmas party to go to so she actually apologized and said i can do it of course but your hair might be a little crunchy then- she used a killer amount of hairspray (at least to me it was alot) but i woke up today and my curls were PERFECT- usually i hate hairspray but my hair looks good so one day it wont kill me....it is a little crunchy but i was forewarned about it and it looks great so i can certainly deal...my friends are ironing their hair tonight so when we dance they might have frizz and i wont hehehehe

anila got the color to be exactly what i wanted- i told her like my current shade but a little lighter and she did it I was a bit tiny worried bc the girl, tameeka, who softened my hair left the salon so my hair was in the hands of someone new but im very pleased and found out anila does softened also she said for someone who has double processed hair my hair is in great condition....yay

eventually i will get an ouidad curve and slice cut but im waiting for my hair to grow down to like my butt because im soo scared of losing legnth...for now my best friend trims it every 3 months hehe...i oldmy friend i think i rather break an arm then cut my hair and she looked at me like im nuts but its true bc an arm will heal faster then hair will grow back haha

new pics are in album
2C blonde long hair

•ojon + curls
•goal: to grow my hair to my waist!

•hair timeline:
-last cut 4.27.06@ devachan by jeff
-colored 3.6.07
-trimmed on 10.1
-softened @ ouidad 10.20