I'm well aware that politicians use teleprompters all the time. I think he uses them with alarming frequency, but few politicians are good at off the cuff...and it is often very revealing. I think these two blogs are funny as hell.



The video on the blackberry blog is funny. It's from the Onion and I laughed hysterically too on the stuff they did on Bush. And watch the video to the end...the shot at Reagan is a good one.

Why was he giving a speech to 6th graders? Couldn't he just have had them come to the White House and stand around like he did the doctors?

And if education is so important, why didn't he step in when the DC school district decided to deny vouchers so the kids could get out of lousy schools and go to a better school. Incidentally, some of those kids that were getting vouchers and scholarships were going to the school where his daughters go.

Like I initially said, it looks absurd for him to be in an elementary school accompanied by the Podium and Teleprompter.

I wonder if there is a 12 step program for teleprompter dependence? He's not real good when TOTUS has a malfunction.
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It's not his job to micromanage what goes on in Washington DC or anywhere else in the country. Isn't there a mayor? A school Superintendent?

People seem to love to put more on the President than is his right and responsibility.
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