Jon Stewart: You didnít really use a teleprompter inside a classroom, did you, champ?
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I'd already seen the Jon Stewart clip -- hilarious.

To be fair to Obama, I believe he was giving a speech to the press, and not just talking to the sixth graders.

Sure, all presidents use the Teleprompter. The problem is, when something is starting to make you look bad (as Obama's use of them is), if you are politically savvy you will try to limit that. Otherwise, it just gives cheap shots (or, some may say, legitimate shots) to the comedians, the media, and of course your political opponents. In politics, as unfair as it may be (just ask Bush), the famous saying is: "perception=reality." So you've got to be aware of how you are being perceived and not "step in it." For example, in about 2003, once we were in Iraq (or was it earlier, when we went to Afghanistan? I cannot remember when exactly), Bush stopped playing golf. He felt that it looked bad to have the POTUS out playing golf while our troops are out there at war. He knew that the press, the Democrats, et al., would have a field day with images of him playing golf in a time of war. It might not be fair (Obama plays golf all he wants, just like other presidents use Teleprompters), but that's the way the political and PR games work.
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