Okay, let me just say that I TOTALLY FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!!!

We live in a 200 year old house w/ horse hair plaster, and I think our insulation is mainly sawdust. Our windows are so old it's like we get a constant breeze through them even w/ the storms down. AND we live very close the a lumber yard that has a dirt driveway/parking lot in the back.

So, whichever one of these things contribute to the problem, I am just as every bit insane about it as you. I wipe down the counters - with cleaner and paper towels, not a dry wip - and by the next day if I ran my hand over it I could feel the dust and grit. I would dust at least weekly, and I'd still pick up lots of dust, and I swept my wood floors constantly, yet I always had big dust bunnies in the corners!!

Yes, it drives me crazy and I can't wait to move in to my brand new, just built house.............that is if they ever give us a closing date.
~ the artist formerly known as babywavy ~

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