I wash my hair and condition in the shower. When I get out I squeeze the extra water out of my hair, then scrunch with a flour sack towel. I have to get as much water out of my hair as possible, if not my hair is limp. If I am using a LI that day I put in a very small pea size amount now, the do my part. If I'm not using a LI i just do my part.

To put my stylers in I flip my head over and scrunch them in. Then I flip back up, rearrange and scrunch some more.

I let it sit for a little (while I put my contacts in) before I scrunch again with a flour sack towel.

When I get to work (or about 2 hrs later) I SOTC with my head flipped over.
FIA: 2b/cFii
normal porosity