I wash my hair upside down over the sink, adding any LI conditioner and/or gel while it's still dripping wet.
I've been trying the plopping method with a flour sack towel, but I just can't get my hair to stay in the towel.

After about 10-15 min. I remove towel and then scrunch and sometimes diffuse if it still feels real wet, otherwise just let it air dry.
wavy, med texture, med thickness, porous, seems sensitive to protein
Lo-Poo: Giovanni 50/50 - rarely
Co Wash: VO5 Tea Therapy Calming Chamomile - LOVE it!
Rinse out: GFTN
Leave in: GFTN or VO5 TTCC
Styling: HEBE gel, HETMS mousse
Still searching for a HG and curl enhancer