1.) How to reduce the hair loss while detangling.
2.) How long before touch up. Once a year?
3.) Products that make texlaxed hair and a couple of inches of new growth happy! Aphogee vs Henna?
4.) Routines that are quick!
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Thank you for starting this thread! I have had a few pm's about texlaxing/texturizing so it would be great to have this thread to direct people to.

1) I detangle with a lot - like more than half a bottle of V05 - of conditioner. I usually use a denman which is great because it can actually get to my scalp and it takes out all the shed hairs so I don't have hairs hanging down after I am finished in the shower. I have used a Jilbere comb once and I liked it but I really want to try this comb . One of the main reasons I use chemicals is because I am not willing to spend more than 20 minutes or so detangling and I want my hair to grow long so just ripping through it isn't an option (duh!).

2)I touch up twice a year. Recently I did a corrective after 3 months because I want my curls to be looser for lazier hair care.

3) When I started to texlax I also started cowashing, eliminated shampoo, and started using conditioner/deep conditioner as a leave in because I had problems with dryness. Once my hair reached a certain level of moisture it became a lot easier to manage. Oil rinsing/coconut oil and henna have made the biggest difference in my hair care. Henna also helps me keep my big hair and gives back a lot of what the relaxer takes away. I stopped using protein when I started using henna (I didn't use it regularly anyway). I am protein sensitive but my hair loves yogurt! I use lots of food items and natural products in my hair and I hardly notice when I have new growth.

4) I recently started using an ayurvedic poo bar because of conditioner build up so I use that after rinsing out whatever pre-poo I have in my head at the time (usually herbs). I sometimes apply oil before or after the poo bar for a kind of modified oil rinse and then I add conditioner to my hair to detangle and get out the excess oil.

After I rinse out the conditioner and squeeze out a lot the the water I add coconut oil first, then a leave in, then my styler. Sometimes I blow dry on cool because my hair takes forever to dry. Sometimes I only use a styling product on my edges. Most of the time my hair is in a puff and recently I have started wearing it in a bun type updo.
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