I got in all of my sample products last night!! Of course I immediately took them all out, labeled what they were for and begun some fun!

I did a PT using Elucence Moisture Balance
Co-washed with my Suave Naturals Strawberry
Rinse out condish: Jasmines Shea Butter Cond
No leave in Condish this time. I wanted to see how my hair felt w/o it.
I used some Dutchess of Curls Gelly

Results : Best Hair day in a long time!

I loved loved loved Jasmines! It felt so silky and smooth. My hair feels very nice. We'll see how the ends hold out through out the day. The curling jelly did great! I scrunched it in while it was wet once it dried I scrunched it a little more. Even the root of my hair has some wave! Not a lot but some! It's always so bone straight. The ace of it all, my hair doesn't look stringy!

I'm so happy this morning I could hug and kiss everyone I see! LOL.

Thank You all for all of your help. Now my following post will have more questions ladies! Uh Oh!
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New Goals To restore my hair after dying it twice in two weeks. Learning more about products found in the stores to fit my tight budget. I'm still working on trying to grow out my hair.