Alrighty ladies here's a couple of thoughts and questions I had floating in my head.

1. I swim just about every other day. Eeek the chlorine! I have been suggested to wet my hair and throwin some condish or coconut oil into my hair before I get into the pool. I've done this and it's done well!

So a thought I had. Cones are suppose to trap hair strands. I'm wondering if I used the coconut oil and then used a lighter -cone or -xane condish if that would hold up better in the pool? Afterwards I would rinse out very well and use my regular co-wash and conditioning methods. Thoughts???

2. Before I did CG I bought a boar bristle wooden brush. To my understanding it pulls moisture through the hair, but being curly it and break up curls. MY hair is very thin and fine and before CG using the brush actually helped. I was thinking that it may help to stimulate my scalp and hair if I brushed if before my showering routine. Never wet or in the AM, but before shower. I wonder if that may help also. Thoughts???

3. I'm a pretty low maintenance kind of girl. I don't blow dry ever. I might straighten it once in a blue moon, but other than that... styling my hair in the early am is about nil. It's scrunch and go but sometimes I'd like to try out new hair styles. Put it up someway etc. What are some QUICK and thin hair friendly styles I can try out. Oh and Easy. I'm a hair novice all the way around.

Well that's about it for now. If I have more ?? later be sure to know I'll be asking!
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