So yesterday was a swimming day! I read several forums about how to take care of your hair for the exposure to chlorine. I found out that the things I've been trying out are on the right track.

I wet my hair first of all. I have a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil that I slide through my hair and then I add a CG friendly conditioner (a simple suave naturals condish.) After I get out of the pool I ass more conditioner to my hair for the ride home. (I don't shower there their water period is highly chlorinated.)

When I got hom I rinsed my hair throughly and then used one of the sample soap bars. (A contraversal thing I know.) The soap really did well. I felt like my hair was clean from the film of chlorine.

I then still used my co-wash suave conditioner. Next I used Kenra Moisturizing Cond which is much thicker and heavier but I thought from the chlorine and the soap my hair would soak it right up. I left it in my hair while I did other shower business and rinsed it out thoroughly (esp. my scalp/root hair)

Afterwards I used my t-shirt pillow case to get out most of the water. scrunched a bit and added some AOMM and let it dry.

It seemed to curl much more. It didn't feel dry or too heavy, but my root waves didn't have as much waves as it did from the previous product test. No biggy because my root hair is not greasy looking. YAY.

Now the next morning my end felt dry so I added some of Jasmines Babassu Buttercream leave in condish after I spritzed my hair wet again. It did the trick and I added some more AOMM and yet another great hair day! My hair feels very good.

Back to these soap bars. I'm thinking I may use them every time I go swimming. Since Chlorine is a caustic and the soaps are alkaline it may actually be the PH balance my hair needs to keep it happy from a swim. The condishing may need to be thicker. Next time I'm going to try a light conditioner and see what happens.

I love experimenting! Sorry to be wordy. Perhaps I should start a blog lol
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