I hear that it is stinky and dries helmet hard.
I think it smells fine-kind of good, actually. I expected uber-stank, but nope. Not here. Sort of fake floral, sort of salon-ish.
Your hair may be fragile after the first part of the treatment.
Maybe if it's really long, and you don't take your shirt off before you do it-it's very stiff, but not OMG-I-can't-move. I have short hair, and just rinse in my sink. It loosens up rapidly once under water, and I find it easier to rinse out than some conditioners. Just wear a button front shirt and be prepared to shower to rinse if you have long hair, I think.

The second step contains mineral oil. Lots of people's hair hates mineral oil. I think post people toss this part and just do a DT or use a very moisturizing conditioner.
Yup. I've just used Suave, a couple times, and left it on under a shower cap for 1/2 hour or so with good luck. Mineral oil is the 'debbo'. (The waterboy...remember? *collective groan from the audience)

I've even used this stuff as a leavein under AVG. Works decently, not fab, but not horrid.

Just my experience!
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