I'm 31 and just discovered that I have wavy hair. I went to get a haircut one day and my stylist suggested she use a diffuser to dry my hair, because she detected some curl to it, and voilą! I have wavy hair. I always used to blow dry it straight, and if ever I let it dry naturally it always looked awful and frizzy, so I never thought I had curl to it.

I figure I'm probably a type 2a, since my hair is wavy and fine, but thick. My stylist used Redken Ringlets on me and it did a wonderful job in the salon, but I can't get it quite as nice at home. What am I doing wrong? How do I use a diffuser correctly, and which products are best at bringing out my curls if I have type 2a hair? Someone suggested I try either Curls
Rock curl amplifier or AG recoil curl activator, but I'm not sure if either of these are good? I'm so excited to have discovered my new hair (I feel like a new person!) but I have so many questions - please help me bring out my curls! : )