Did you hear that noise?
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Hahaha, LOVE this picture!

Everyone's pets are so cute!!

We just have one cat right now, but hope to have two or three at some point!

As I mentioned in the video game thread, my husband and I met online in an MMO... so just to add to the geekiness, our cat is called Liberty (we call her Libby for short, though) after the game server we met on, lol.

My husband's cousin in Michigan had taken in a stray cat, gone to get her spayed and found out she was already pregnant. So we offered to take one of the kittens.

She hates everyone except for my husband and I, and even that's debatable at times. She is a complete ninja kitty and while she's never bitten or scratched anyone, she will happily ambush them or slap anyone repeatedly who gets too close to her.

As a kitten, a few days after we picked her up.

Considering world domination as we set up for Risk.

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Awe what a cute little kitten. Although, I must say, she does look like biatch especially the one with her paw down. she looks like she's thinking, don't Ef with me!!