My "boys" Bandit and Cocoa. They are litter mate brothers. Now 12 years old. Cocoa is a diabetic.

Pretty my calico. She was a stray that came with 4 kittens. We found homes for the kittens, but kept Pretty with us.
She lives indoors, but still enjoys going out in the gardens with me.

This is Boots, another stray that decided we provide good meals. He lives in our garage and loves being outside in
the summer laying under a plant or tree.

And the last one to join our clan...

Mittens! She is still a bit on the wild side, but took a liking to Boots, so she lives with him in the garage and roams our
yard when the weather's nice.

I love seeing everyone's pets. The world is a better place because of the animals that share our lives.
wavy, med texture, med thickness, porous, seems sensitive to protein
Lo-Poo: Giovanni 50/50 - rarely
Co Wash: VO5 Tea Therapy Calming Chamomile - LOVE it!
Rinse out: GFTN
Leave in: GFTN or VO5 TTCC
Styling: HEBE gel, HETMS mousse
Still searching for a HG and curl enhancer