I use the pink version of Boots. I bought my first one from CurlMart, when they carried it. When I ran out, I bought 2 more from the britsuperstore.com site. It doesn't call itself pink on the website though, just Boots Curl Creme I believe. There is a white version that someone on this site sells. Banjocurl I think? I've never used the white kind but I don't think there's much of a difference from what I've heard, other than the packaging. The pink kind comes in a tub and the white comes in more of a tube.
2A/2B, fine, normal porosity

Growing out a pixie as of November 2013

Shampoo: Elucence MBS & Renpure Originals Argan Oil
Conditioner: Elucence MBC & Renpure Originals Argan Oil
Leave-in: CJ BeautiCurls
Stylers: BA gel & AG Re:coil

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