Theres my Charlie, he is my youngest. I got him at a yard sale for 5 bucks

Gizmo, my tubba love 18lbs of chunk, We found him under a house.

My Isis, My princess we adopted her.

Conner in front, gizmo in back. Conner is my anti social cat.

I have one more but i can't find pictures of her.
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A yard sale, whaaaa?
they're all so cute! lol to the fat cat. Wow she/he is FAT!
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You all have such cute "kids"

Yeah i was at a huge yard sale, and i looked at him and asked the guy if he was Chow, the guy said "Yeah i hate chow's whatever puppies i don't sell i'm taking home to kill" "So i gave the man 5 bucks and got Charlie at 5 weeks old. Then reported him to the authorities. He's the only dog of mine that rings a bell when he has to go out.

Maybe i got suckered but i don't think so, he's a great dog!

On a side note, did you know Chow's and Goats are the only 2 animals with a black/purple tongue