You miss the length? What length are you missing? Your hair is LOOONNG, girl - I betcha people won't even notice that it's any shorter!!!

It look great!
Originally Posted by babywavy
Nope, people didn't even notice the cut. My best friend who told me I should never cut my hair didn't even notice!

long_n_curly - Oh my goodness, that's so terrible. I would have cried! If this cut didn't turn out well I was swearing off haircuts forever and was going to do it myself. I've had way too many bad cuts.

angiecurls- My secret to long hair...get so many terrible cuts that you're too scared to go to the stylist! That's pretty much it...

LizzyBennet- Maybe just get a few inches cut off at a time until you get to the length you like, that way it won't be too scary.

BeachBlondeWavie- Thanks.

Ladydncing- Thanks. I guess it's still is pretty long.
That was my dog's halloween costume. She was a lobster and she hated it! She wouldn't even walk in it; she would just tip over.