Hi guys, I am glad I could shed some light. I know that personality counts with a stylist and is important. I don't know if you know that Christo worked with Ouidad and left to start his own company. So you may have had a Ouidad cut and not known about it, if it was by Christo. I do know that one cut does not a relationship make. We use our skill to make the best educated guess when it comes to your hair. It is up to the client to give us feed back so we can customize the cut to your specifics, sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. Mebsy, if you were to have gone back the next time and told your stylist that it still had too much bulk, she would have adjusted her carving and slicing to take more hair off, it's hard for us to know just the right amount the very first time we meet you and err on the side of caution. You can always take more off but putting it back on is a *****! That is my philosophy anyway, better safe than sorry. Good luck either way on the path to your curly cut.