Anything overdone is overdone. Too much slicing can cause thin ends. There is no reason you can't blow out your Ouidad cut, my boss does it all the time. She has medium density med to coarse 2-3 curls. I know about the c cut. It was very popular in the 80's when I went to school (I am old but still hip) the hair is twisted and cut specifically to create movenent and curl, I think they use curved shears. It works like anything on some people, some not so much, it depends on how much curl you hope to get. Hair is finicky as you can tell from the posts here. The main thing I have found is that when you use curved shapes to cut curly hair it's better. Plus you have to give it time to work. Sometimes it can take a few cuts to get the true benefit of the new method. I do a lot of repair work and some of the hair is so short or the curls are collapsing over the ears, or in the crown it may take 6 months for their hair to grow out enough to relize the full benefit of the cut. So unless you have one length hair you will have to transition into the cut unless you cut the other haircut completely out. I have a few clients that went to another stylist in town (some people like a change I guess, no hard feelings on my part) she does not cut in the same way I do, when I see them around town I have to smile because it is still my haircut (I can tell my work, as can most experienced stylists) the new girl is just trimming my shape that is still in their hair and yet they look like they need a haircut to me (LOL) because it is loosing the shape after about 9 mos. So remember, unless the shape is changed, or you let it grow completely out you are carrying around some of the old cut for a while. And I don't know about you but my hair hates a haircut! freaks out and has a hissy fit for about a week and a half. Then it just falls into place it's the strangest thing,maybe your hair is the same way. My friend Lynn says hers takes three weeks, so give it a chance to settle down too. I would try the c cut, since you didn't like the Carve & Slice or try another Ouidad stylist. I think there is a video with the c cut roaming around on the internet, I would google it. If you don't like the c try something else, it' will grow back, that's the beauty of hair vs. the Tattoo.