Hi everyone! I've been reading this forum for a while and finally decided I can't figure out my hair on my own, so here I am. This is long, but I need help...
I've gone CG, officially for a week..but have been without sulfates for about a year..didn't know about silicones, so I have been living on them (biosilk serum and pantene conditioner, I know).
My hair is usually about waist lenght, layered. Always, always is terrible tangles begining immediately after combing, and it mats and begins to spindle into what would like to be dredlocks after one day without conditioning and combing.
It's impartial to protein treatments vs oil or humectants..it doesn't really care. I've never colored or highlighted it in my life. Hardly ever use heat on it. (If it is styled, it holds whatever I give it for days, but takes 2 1/2 hours to blow out, but thats bad so I never really do)
It takes about 4-5 hours to air dry, and literally will not ever dry if I just put it in a bun, braid, or plop. It will stay wet for days until I let it out.
I frizz. Alot. I have almost no spilt ends, and it is healthy, but it does love heavy thick conditioner (missing Pantene).
Since going CG I'm more tangled and matted more quickly. I've done experiments with coconut oil, protein, etc...doesn't really matter what I do.
I don't know what type of 2 I am, or how porous it is? Some hairs feel like they are coarse but my hair is not in general, and doesn't look or feel coarse; it's not fine. It is thick, I have alot of it.
I don't know what to do to make it less tangled and more happy. The top is flat even with clipping, and CG, and every spot is different (some straight, some wavy, some curly, some frizzy). Help, please!

I can't get my pics to fit on here so here a some