qimissung..I was thinking of ordering that, it seems to go over well for lots of people...I definately will now, thank you.
pedaheh..Thank you..and I've been low pooing for the past year, and yes I did one sulfate wash out before I went CG to get rid of the cones. I was thinking of the GVP CB because so many people say it is very intense, which is what I need...I guess I'm going to Sallys tomorrow, haha..
dark_waves...Right now I haven't made a huge investment or commitment to products cuz I'm unsure and just starting, but right now I'm cowashing with MOP, and rinsing with Giovanni 50:50 because they are the only two I have that fit the bill. I have no leave in, but have been putting coconut oil in after I comb out, because gel was making my hair so tangled and yucky (maybe the type)..my hair is doing better with the coconut oil...I just posted new pics with it on my fotki. I don't think my hair CAN get weighed down!
Thank you for all of your feedback guys I appreciate the tips!