There's a lot of negativity towards 4b hair and a lot of threads from women new to the site w/ a predominately 4b texture who are looking to alter their texture. A lot of times it's the same excuse, my hair is dry, hard to deal with, tangles and etc. It's easy to list all of the negatives that come along w/ this texture but what are some of the positives to having this super kinky texture. I'll start:

-our hair can hold a style for weeks if we keep it up.
-4b inspirational pic thread
-our texture is one of the easier ones to take care of, it likes moisture and it likes to be left alone.

your turn.
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BC: May. 2010 (30 months)
Hair Type: thick 4b/4a
Current length: back at APL
Goal length: hip
Staples: natural growth aides

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