this is my second time trying it as a leave in, the first time....well i'd used henna/amla and my hair was acting special.

after harassing alexjoujou tonight lol i cowashed with some vo5, conditioned with lvpng, and used the argan oil one all over with my hair still soaking wet. i combed through and bunned each section, and took each one out and added about a quarter size of fuzzy duck gel and a little bit of clear ecostyler on top. my hair is halfway dry, shrinking (story of my life but ill stretch in the morning) but i have nice, tight shiny curls.

the argan oil one does smell artificial like ajj said, but i do like it! i think i'd need to mix in honey and oil to use as a deep conditioner though.
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There's an argan oil one now??? I just ordered some from Amazon (nearly $7 including shipping but I figure for the size it's worth it). I didn't see this. Do you like it better than Shea Mango, OOC, tell me more please...
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i havent tried the OOC one, but i have the shea mango and the herbal...i used the shea mango one as leave in once but to be honest my hair felt weird cause i had just used henn/amla so i didnt get a good go, but i think i like the argan oil better. once my hair became soft it was nice!!!!
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