I just want to second what SwirlycurlyChemist said about veggies.
I'm not on South Beach, but a diet similar. I find that I love veggies so much more now. I carry around bags of sliced green peppers, snow peas and cucumbers. (for me, they are "free foods"). Then I can munch on those whenever I'm hungry. I also eat a salad per day.
I think eating veggies make me feel better and I start to drag a bit if I'm not eating enough veggies.
I've eaten taco salad a few times on this diet. I load it up with onions, peppers, tomato, lettuce and whatever other veggies I have.
I also do this with tuna salad (onion, pickles, peppers, cucumbers). It ends up being very high in veggies and very delicious!
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