One of the big things is that it will probably take you awhile to find the right products and routine for you. Maybe start by getting a trim on the ends of your hair where the most damge is? I DT every once in awhile but my hair is weighed down easily the next day so I put it up the following day or I just use heavy conditioners on the ends so that the rest of my hair isn't greasy.

Are you doing the Curly girl routine? It's also best to start out with a sulfate shampoo to get all of the build up out. Then start on CG with the co-washing and cone-free products. But eventually you will know if you need more hold in your products or something for frizz. I have good luck with some deva products (like One C) but the gels have no hold in my hair so it goes flat or frizzy very easily. I need to use a gel in combination with re:coil for hold/curl enhancing, and curl keeper for shine and fighting frizz, or I use jessicurl products with a gel for more definition and hold.