[quote=Alexjoujou;1245375]I agree with what everyone has said.

Although it's hard to tell I agree your hair doesn't look coarse. It's likely medium if it isn't fine..that means you should ease up on protein.

We use several condish for my daughter including the Mop C Mixed Greens, TIGI Moisture Maniac, Garnier Fructis TN and Sleek and Shine (new formula), and Yes to Cucumbers and Yes to Tomatoes.

However we have the best luck with her hair when we use the Curl Junkie Hibiscus and Banana Deep Fix and Honey Butta Leave in as well as the Lustrasilk Organic with Argan Oil. I have reviews on my blog (link below) but if you are going to Sally's pick up these Lustrasilk if you can find them in addition to GVP Conditioning Balm:

Olive Oil Cholesterol
Shea Cholesterol with Mango
Organic with Argan Oil

The last two has really good slip and have done a great job of conditioning my daughter's hair which is as you describe yours with tangles. Dreads used to form daily and it would take me hours to comb her hair. Not so now!

You can also try Aura Cherry Almond Bark.

I would tell you get off any protein and try for a week..if you see improvement then introduce a little back in and see how it goes..you just may be one that can handle them in small doses. Some can handle only in low poo, or rinse out, or styler.it's individual.

Good Luck! And I agree GORGEOUS both you and your hair!![/quote]


I thought her hair sounded similar to your daughters, and knew you would have some good suggestions.
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