I'm not sure if this has already been answered, but...

Homer's Iliad begins with the Greeks sailing to Troy to sack the city and to rescue Helen. The epic ends with the burial of Hektor. The Greek armies have not entered the city at this point.
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I'm not really positive of this kurlykitty, but I think the Iliad only covers the last few days (or weeks) of the Greeks' years-long seige of Troy. What do you think?

This whole thread is so weird because I have been obsessing about reading the Iliad for about the past two years. I keep starting and stopping it. I finally settled on the Richmond Lattimore translation, but I'm wondering...is it better to read it in the poetry version or the prose? Also, I was wondeing if anyone would be interested in starting a book group for this, since so many of us are interested in rereading it! Anybody interested???
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