yay because I'm so happy that I'm getting so much help..it seems like there are SO MANY products and I'm glad you guys are helping me narrow things down, thank you so so much!

dark_waves..thank you!

alexjoujou..yeah, my hair didn't really care about putting protein on it, but favors oil a bit..so I will go without it and see how it works..I will definately go to Sallys today and grab all of your suggestions (hoping they have them!)..I'm going to hold off ordering a bunch of stuff online unless I have to so I'll start with those. THANK YOU, it really sounds like you know what I'm dealing with here, haha.

elita..I'm thinking that you might be right, maybe its too much protein making it so tangled..I'm going to get the GFTN today, thanks!

pedhah..well for $3 ill pick some of that up for sure, and ill check out that detangler if the new conditioners don't cut it..or maybe just get it today if things dont add up too much!

Thanks again for all of your help guys..ok, off to Sallys!