I don't why, but for about the last month my hair has been soooo frizzy and undefined, it's unbelievable. My hair seriously hasn't been this bad in a long time. My hair is frizzy in the SHOWER, when it's loaded with conditioner. The top layer especially is really straightish, frizzy, and undefined. And I have a ton of spider-webby frizz. I can't pick up one curl without picking up the 5 that are attacthed to it.

I also think I'm pulling out too much hair the shower - my bottom layer is a lot thinner than the top layer. My haircut looks really horrible right now. Also, my layers are "splitting" again. Like, the top and bottom layers are such different textures and lengths and stuff that they separate from each other very easily. It's hard to explain, but it's like I have two different head of hair on my head and they don't mix together. It's UBER annoying.

ARG! I had one really FABULOUS hairday in early November, when i used the old Suave Milk and honey, and HE SMU gel. I don't know if it was the products, or the weather (I was in Tennessee - it was colder and possibly more humid?), but I had a really really great hair day that held up for a long time. I went back to California, and since then my hair has been CRAP!

It makes me really sad and pissed off. :x I don't know what's causing it. my products? I dunno. You know, I've never really been good at this whole "curly hair" thing. I mean, I just kinda buy products and see if they make my hair less frizzy or not, but there's never really a huge difference, you know? Like, even when I try something like Suave vs. Devacurl, I'm never like "OMG!!! MY HAIR IS SO MUCH LESS FRIZZY!". I've never had that EVER. I'm always like, "ehh...my hair is a bit more defined, I guess."

But anyways. This is both a rant and a cry for help, I guess. These are the products I'm curently using:

New Suave Coconut CO
DevaCare Condish
Garnier Sleek+Shine Leave In
HE SMU gel

I thought maybe the cone in teh leave in was getting to me, so I slarified today and used Jane Carter Nourishing Cream instead of Garnier. I also didn't plop with a t-shirt, I just air dried. Pretty much same result as yesterday - uber frizzy, even wehn soaking wet, undefined, poofy, etc.


I don't have pictures yet, but I will soonish.

Edit: Okay, i took pictures and decided that my hair was improved from yesterday. Some parts are stll very frizzy, and overall my hair is very poofy, but It's a better than it has been I suppose. maybe it was the Garnier leave in that did it. But still, my hair is still pretty frizzy. Will post pics laters.
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