I can't help you a lot but I do think it was a good idea that you clarified and started over. I know a lot of people like the GF leave-in but if you look through reviews on makeupalley.com and on here then you'll also see that a lot of people have trouble with frizzy hair from it.

My hair gets that way if I let it dry too much in a towel (even a microfiber towel.) I put in curl keeper for frizz or whatever products I'm using (a curl enhancing one, a gel, a lighter product for frizz and sometimes a leavein) and then dry it a little and let it air dry on it's own for awhile. Then I use a diffuser or something to help with drying faster. If I let it dry too much in a towel or leave a towel on at all then it will dry too much and will end up undefined and frizzy.