^ Well there is a lot of people on here who are "modified CG." The only thing is that you cant used the products with sillicones (ending in cone, xane, etc) unless you are shampooing with sulfates to get them out,, because they will build up and make your hair undefined and frizzy.

There are people here who shampoo with a gentle shampoo about once a week or so or who co-wash different amounts, but you can't use the sillicone products then. Jessicurl is definitely CG and I love her products when paired with a gel for a little more hold. Devacurl products are CG but I know OneC has a cone down on the list. Most people have said it does not build up for them though. So, yup, I'd reccomend getting the CG book or learning about it from around here. If sillicones and shampooing work for your hair then you can stick to any products that you want, but if you're CG then you have to pay a little bit more attention to them.