That's why I usually tell people they either get it or they don't when I have to repeatedly explain what cNapp/4b hair is. People with cNapp/4b hair usually KNOW they have it. It's the hair that usually no one wants. It's the hair that if you have it, once people (family, friends etc) see it, they'll tell you you're too nappy to be natural. Some 4A textures can micmic cNapp hair when it's picked out all the way, but the

This is me all the way. Im a 4A , however I call myself a cNapp because Its rare that I wear my hair defined, more so in the summertime if Im being lazy. I love my hair to look like a cloud of hair , its soooo fluffy looking , Like in my avatar picture. It feels like a satiny piece of hair thats been stretched out . The more stretched the more it feels like cotton.