I never blow-dry my hair, and I take showers at night (which means I'm sleeping on wet hair - could this be crushing the waves?).
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No matter what I do or how good my hair looks today, it will be squashed flat tomorrow morning when I wake up. It's even worse if I go to bed with wet hair. Sleeping on it just kills any curl for me.

You might try doing your shower routine in the morning some day when you don't have to be somewhere for a while and see what happens. You'll find information about scrunching out excess water with a t-shirt or similar material and "plopping" on this site. I don't necessarily plop every day but I definitely use a t-shirt to squeeze out water. If I don't do those things the water weight pulls out my curl.

You can also check out the video section on www.jessicurl.com She has some videos up that will give you a good visual on how to do some of the techniques on this site. Other users have blogs with videos as well that you'll come across and are a big help.