I've been told and thought the same thing. Having my hair curly seems to make me look young or playful & flirty or cutesy as you put it and the straight hair made me look more mature.

Here's the kicker, do we think that because that's what we were taught to think when looking at hair. People judge you by appearances all the time and our hair is apart of that. Hell I think that sometimes we're even judged because of the color of our hair too.

Whenever I've had to go to job interviews I always straightened my hair.

In the long run your the one that you have to please. Love yourself, Love your hair and do what you feel is right with it.
CG Since 2010
Hair Attributes: Mixed 2 with 3A undergrowth & no root curl.
Fine, Thin, Easily Manipulated, Easily Styled, Easy to Frizz, and Easy to damage.

Favorites: CJ Daily Fix, CJ Rehab, Anything Spiral Solutions, Darcy Botanicals Pumpkin Seed

New Goals To restore my hair after dying it twice in two weeks. Learning more about products found in the stores to fit my tight budget. I'm still working on trying to grow out my hair.