I've had both cuts. Although I was still using sulfates (well I used all Ouidad products) with the Ouidad cut. I desperately, desperately have been trying to work with my mess hair for years and Ouidad was my first try. Within 3 weeks of my Ouidad cut I was back to blow drying my hair straight daily. Now I wonder if being CG would have been enough to make it work. At the time I just figured, "well my hair's always been a huge mess, why should an expensive hair cut make a difference?"

Fast forward to this summer. I went CG and got a cut by a Deva trained stylist. The cut is nice and things are better than my previous attempt at going curly. I do think there are a few things that are lacking and curlpro really helped me understand why by sharing the 45 degree angle piece.

I really think its all a combo of what works for *your* hair - maybe I'd get more satisfactory results with the Ouidad method now that I am off sulfates and cones.

Thanks for the info curlpro!
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