Thanks for all the advice!! I will try a non-sulfate shampoo. I've been meaning to get Activate Poo but I haven't had the time.

I haven't tried a cream styler...I know a place that sells Re:coil near me, though. Maybe I'll post a thread on the Review forum to see about other cream stylers.

And I actually haven't been outside much, lol, I'm studying for finals so my hair never really gets to feel the rain. ^^

I really want to try CurlKeeper, hmm. I think possibly that would help with my frizz a lot.

Medusahair: Where I live it isn't exactly warm and humid, but it's in the 50s and lately it's been raining (well I guess than it's REALLY humid lol). I don't know if I need a heavier condish or not...Is it possible that my hair is getting overconditioned? I dunno.

Angiecurls: My hair never really feels hay-like, but it feels kinda coarse in texture. Like, how when some people's hair is soaking wet, it's silky and stuff? Mine isn't like that. My hair is actually soft right now...but not soft in the silky soft way (my hair is never silky soft)'s soft in the kinda cotton candy way right now. Okay, I'm getting really ramble-y now.

The point is, I don't think I'm getting protein overload, but I've never really known if I'm protein sensitive or not, so I don't know what it really feels like on me. My hair just felt (and still kinda feels) gunky.

Hm...maybe I'll stop using the Garnier leave in, get some kind of cream styler and non-sulfate poo. And maybe order Curlkeeper from Curlmart as a crimbo present to myself.

Oh! I have to figure out plopping. I need a new way, or something. Less time plopping, maybe.

I really need a routine change, I think. And a new haircut (possibly).

Okay, i'll stop babbling to myself now.

PS: Sorry, no pics yet. ^^;; I'll get up tomorrow hopefully.
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